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About The Self-Sufficient Village

The ideas for the Self - Sufficient Village took shape during 2002. In 2004, a group gathered to buy a listed farm with associated 15 hectares of land, and the first sod for own construction was taken.

Today, the village includes 19 households, which include both completed houses and ongoing construction.

The inhabitants of the village are currently 36 adults and 40 children 0-18 years (incl. Sharing children).


A social and ecological vision

We have a common vision of a different way of life, where we take greater account of people and nature and common well-being.
In relation to the social, the basic idea is that there is life on site, togetherness across ages, and collaboration on the common practical activities.

In the ecological field, we practice a sustainable lifestyle as far as possible, where we are part of the solution in relation to the environment instead of part of the problems.  At the same time, we also hope that the project, together with other eco-communities, can help to influence the community in which we live.

In a village of this size, there is diversity and room for diversity. We want to live in a place where things are connected - ie. work, leisure, family, friends, children, adults and the elderly. We try to create an alternative to the institutional division that prevails in society, and instead integrate children and the elderly into the practical and social life of the village. Everyone can participate in the community and feel that they are needed. With this, we achieve a togetherness and a collaboration across age, education and cultural background, which we consider valuable. The children are surrounded by other children and adults whom they know up through their childhood, and they thereby gain a broader insight into the world of adults than many children do in society today.

Structure and articles of association

The legal structure of the village is a cooperative. Download articles of association  her .

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