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Freelance - Volunteer



“Wwoof” is an abbreviation for  Willing  Workers  On  Organic  Farms  - an international network of volunteers who want to work in ecological communities for a period of time.

You can become a wwoofer in the Self-sufficient Village  for up to one week with the possibility of extension. As a wwoofer, you work 30 hours a week (5-6 hours per day) for board and lodging. The work can be in the kitchen, agriculture or with private buildings, depending on where there is a need. Your contact person coordinates the work and makes sure that you are instructed. You will usually some of the time work work with others and some of the time work alone.

As a wwoofer, you get an insight into the daily life of the village and participate in communal dining.

We receive wwoofers all year round, but spring and harvest time are the high season, when we really need help with the vegetables.

If you want to know more about wwoofing, send an email to:

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