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Community and lifestyle

Her kan du læse om, hvordan hverdagen fungerer i Den Selvforsynende Landsby.


Joint vegetable cultivation

Growing our own organic food is important for our village. We appreciate locally grown crops that are not transported over long distances - and then the common kitchen garden helps to strengthen our community.


Common Land

The village has 15 ha. agricultural land, part of which is built-up area.  There is plenty to look at when such an area is to be held - and that is one of the things we spend our working days on.


Common Food

We all participate in a common food scheme - and pay in on a monthly basis for large purchases of organic food. You can actually eat healthy and varied in the village without ever visiting a supermarket - but it is of course entirely up to the individual what you supplement with from the outside.


Common Animals

It is important for us to keep animals together. In perma-cultural thinking, animals are included as central nature care as well as a support function for growing vegetables and plants.


Joint decisions - and responsibilities

The village has a flat structure. We have no leader, and everyone can be involved in influencing and deciding what they want to influence. The village's many tasks are divided into working groups. We have e.g. the sheep group, the vegetable group, the rye bread group, the accounting group and the Højgårds group.


Joint waste and recycling

We have always had a common waste sorting - and are happy that sorting is spreading in the country's municipalities. In our waste area (which we ourselves think is quite pedagogically designed J) we also collect batteries, medicines and other waste that Svendborg municipality does not collect automatically.

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