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Joint vegetable cultivation

Everyone who has their own kitchen garden knows how cool it is to watch seeds germinate, look after and care for the small delicate plants - and follow them grow large to finally harvest freshly picked / dug up vegetables.

We have two large kitchen gardens at each end of the village. Furthermore, we have 2 large greenhouses of 120 m2, where vegetables are grown that require more heat, i.a. tomatoes, cucumbers, early lettuce, peppers, eggplants and watermelons.

Of course, all cultivation takes place according to ecological principles without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. The soil is very clayey, but we are working to improve the structure and increase the humus content. We make compost from animal manure, straw and / or leftover food.

Many of us are involved in the cultivation and we are self-sufficient in vegetables approx. three months of the year. We aim to be able to increase production over time and become more self-sufficient.

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